Hiring IT specialists

Are you dealing with a project for which you do not have enough capacity? We guarantee a transparent and professional approach in the selection and delivery of our IT specialists for your project.

Why outsource to us?


Within a few days of your request, we will ensure that the selected IT specialist joins your team in a few days. Our team will do the technical recruitment process for you depending on your specific needs.


Before starting the actual development, we create prototypes of your software, which allow you to get an idea of ​​the functionality and appearance of the product. This way you have the opportunity to voice your comments and suggestions before we start full development.

Broad coverage of technologies

Internal systems, E-shops, mobile and web applications, websites, portals that will allow you to reach a wider range of customers and improve their experience with your brand. With us, you get reliable and especially functional software that exactly meets your needs.

Individual approach

With us, you get hassle-free software deployment and long-term maintenance, giving you the confidence that your software is in good hands.

Cost effectiveness

By outsourcing our IT specialists, you eliminate the costs associated with recruiting, training and maintaining an internal IT team. You can optimize your costs and invest resources in other key areas of your business.

Specialized experience

With our team of IT experts, you gain access to a wide range of professional experience. In this way, you can be assured that your projects will be carried out with the highest level of expertise.

We already have hundreds of successful projects behind us


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Photo showing AMCEF CEO Milan Cák

Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947


Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947