Creation of a new e-shop for the brand Vermon and Gant

He was the client of this project Vermont – Seller of premium fashion brands on the Czech, Slovak and Hungarian markets.

The assignment of the project was help with the development of a new e-shop.


This project includes and with all their language mutations (,,,

The project also includes an administrator section, where the administrator can see various analytical data, edit the content of subpages, manage orders, products and others.

Year 2021. Technologies: Vue.JS, Laravel

Services provided

  • Proposal and implementation of a new design and customized functionality
  • Wishlist function - product recognition
  • Support for multilingualism – SK, CZ, HUN
  • Watchdog function - monitoring of various product parameters
  • Payment gateway and shipping integration
  • Setting up advanced analytics
  • Implementation and setting of the structure of user rights
  • Implementation of the loyalty program
  • Optimization of e-shops - responsiveness and loading speed
  • Creating email templates

The result

A representative graphic solution, corresponding to the market position of the brand.

Simplifying product management.

The possibility of editing the appearance of the portal directly by the client.

Improvement of data quality and subsequent evaluation and increase of the company's turnover

Other projects

Speeding up the completion of the e-shop by 6 months.

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947