Czech Railways

Data visualization system for Czech Railways

Czech Railways is the dominant carrier in the field of passenger train transport in the Czech Republic. We have created a Portal for collecting, managing and displaying large-volume data on the map.


We created a specific web application that can dynamically render HTML components based on page state passed from the backend via a REST API. These components communicate with each other to send changes and receive their updated state.

They are standard user interface components such as windows, layouts, tables, comboboxes, input fields, labels, menus, cards.

Year 2019. Technologies used: Angular

Services provided

  • Visualization of large-volume data
  • Collection, management and display of data - routes, switches, tracks and faults on the map portal
  • Use of map materials and satellite images supplied by Czech Railways
  • Structured search and object filtering
  • Dynamic filters, statistics, and data views

The result

Creating a frontend web application that can display the entire user interface based on metadata received from the server. Metadata contains the entire structure of the user interface, including styling, data, and available events (events), by means of which the client application communicates back with the server. A solution is required to improve the management of internal processes using metadata-driven client applications, the customization of which will be in the hands of the client.

Streamlining and speeding up the object management process for ČD employees. Improving data accessibility. Simplifying work with data. Reduction of the error rate of internal processes

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Speeding up the completion of the e-shop by 6 months.

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Milan Cák

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947