Invoicing software for Kablik

Kablik operates in the field of mediation and sale of electrical installation material. His business is built on financial processes. The task was to create invoicing software that can fully adapt to the client's business. We analyzed his software requirements as well as real current and future needs in order to find out if it is possible to implement a ready-made solution.



Based on subsequent market analysis and a survey of almost 20 software solutions on the Slovak market, we found one solution that could adapt to its current and future needs, but the investment in it was in the hundreds of thousands of euros.

The development of such a tailor-made solution for just one client would be unprofitable, so we agreed with the client that they will finance only part of the development and we will finance the rest of the development from our own resources, and thus we will be able to offer and reuse this solution for our other clients as well.

Year 2022. Technologies used: React, Node.JS, AWS

Services provided

  • Market analysis
  • Analysis of client requirements
  • Architecture design and infrastructure settings
  • The design of a fully configurable interface
  • Implementation of the solution in microservices
  • Feature coverage with automated tests
  • AWS configuration
  • Creating a product solution

The result

The idea was to design a modular solution that is fully configurable and infinitely expandable and scalable to adapt to any future needs of different clients. For this reason, we decided to build a solution based on the architecture of microservices using Typescript frameworks React and Node.JS and deploy it in the cloud on AWS.

  • An analyst, a software architect and a DevOps architect worked on the analysis and design phase
  •  The development of the MVP version lasted 7 months and took place in 2-week sprints
  • The project manager (who was also the scrum master), 4 developers (2x FE and 2x BE) and 1 tester (manual and automated tests, primary FE tests and integration tests) worked on the development phase.

After thorough testing by the client's employees, we fine-tuned the last details of the solution, migrated all documents, checked the success of the import and pairing of documents, set permissions and launched the production version.

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Speeding up the completion of the e-shop by 6 months.

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947