We are programmers with heart and soul

We have a passion for discovering new technologies and approaches to software development. We want to go with the times and therefore we encourage people to experiment and learn in new areas.
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We develop future IT professionals

At AMCEF, we emphasize the education of IT specialists. Our team consists of the most skilled graduates and students of technical universities in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

What matters to us as a team

A sketch with a book and a brain, which is supposed to mean education


We do not take over seniors from corporations, but actively train new programmers.
A sketch with an eye and it is supposed to express awareness


New things cannot be achieved without new knowledge. That is why we are constantly learning and following the latest trends.
A sketch with an arrow in the target and is supposed to mean precision


The difference in one zero can be huge. Both in business and in programming. Consistency and precision are the basic characteristics of all our programmers.
A sketch with a nut in a light bulb, which is supposed to mean innovation


We understand how important it is to be the first. Technological progress will not stop and we are the ones leading it.
A sketch with a light bulb and it is supposed to mean innovativeness


We are always happy to hear new ideas from our colleagues and give the best space to implement them.
A sketch of three people giving feedback


We openly tell each other the positives as well as the negatives. We believe that positives should encourage us to continue our good work and negatives should motivate us to improve.
A sketch on which they talk and expresses the nature of communication


In our team, we talk a lot to get to know each other well and learn to communicate with each other. We talk to each other.
A sketch of a gentleman carrying a box and showing responsibility


Everyone is responsible for themselves and their work and is willing to solve things until the very end.
Sketch with hands showing mutual help

Mutual help

No one in our team is ever left alone. There is always someone you can ask and who will help you.
A sketch with a picture of an individualist


We perceive each member of our team as an individual personality, and that is how we approach him. With us, everyone has the opportunity to choose which project they want to work on. The satisfaction of our people is our top priority.

Our history

Contact persons

Milan Cák


+421 917 552 947

František Bekeš

Project manager

+421 948 170 194

Samuel Dobša

Sourcing manager

+421 910 126 458

Tomáš Oharčák

Solution architect

+421 950 592 631


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Photo showing AMCEF CEO Milan Cák

Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947

Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947