Autoklub Slovakia Assistance

Automation of partner processes

Autoklub Slovakia Assistance provides assistance services to motorists throughout Slovakia. We have created an internal system to allow employees to manage partner companies and the services they provide as part of ASA.


Partners have access to the system and can edit data about their own companies, vehicles registered in the company and the services they provide.

The system includes the ability to store historical data, generate invoices, contracts and documents with filled-in data and signed with the ASA company.

Year 2019 – 2022. Technologies used: React

Services provided

  • Dispatch portal for searching and managing vehicles from various partners
  • Management of partner companies and their documents
  • Online document management - generation, signing, archiving, searching
  • Electronic signing of contracts and their processing
  • Management of roles and corresponding access to documents
  • Integration with external partner systems
  • Automating the process of completing data to generate outputs

Client statement

"We have been cooperating with the AMCEF company more or less since its beginning, and I see the company as a young collective that is making rapid progress. Their communication with the client is more than exemplary and setting up processes is two-way.

Cooperation is highly professional, flexible and fast. They are not looking for excuses as to how it can't be done, but for solutions on how to do it. They are available and prompt in case of problems. It is surprising how easily and professionally they approach project assignments. There is no problem with remodeling by modifying or adding functionality. Specifically, their professional approach saves our company at least 2x person-months on administration and company costs."

Robert Horňák, Autoklub Slovakia Assistance sro

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Photo showing AMCEF CEO Milan Cák

Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947

Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947