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Working with us, we will guide you through the complete software development process, from the initial consultation to the deployment and maintenance of the final work.


We treat every client as our business partner who can always rely on us. It is important for us to understand the problem, and therefore we discuss everything together in order to reach a mutual agreement. Through analysis we get to know and understand the product and through market research we define the problem.

  • IT consulting
  • Market research
  • Audit of an existing system
  • Data analysis
Software that can fully adapt to clients’ needs.
Optimization and expansion of the internal system.


The data helps us to better understand when designing an appropriate architecture. We will show the practical differences between UX and UI. A site that sells must be supported by functionality and visual appeal. Based on the user behaviour, we create the structure of the whole application.

  • Architecture design
  • Prototyping
  • UX / UI Design
  • Branding
Analysis and creation of an e-shop based on user behaviour.
A portal for collecting, managing and displaying large-volume data on a map.


Our professional developers will develop reliable and, above all, functional software. We can program custom software, a mobile app for iOS and Android, an eshop or a website. Our products are created in accordance with the latest technologies.

  • Tailor-made software
  • Web and mobile applications
  • E-shops, portals and websites
  • Machine Learning
Accelerate the completion of the e-shop by 6 months.
Portal for online property tax payment.

Deployment and maintenance

Deployment to production is our final step, which we perform after thoroughly testing and optimizing every line of code. Our professional team will ensure the smooth interaction of the software and we will continue to take care of it.

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Migration to the Cloud
  • Optimization
  • Automated testing
Development and maintenance of portals for SLK, SKZL, SKMTP a SKSaPA.
Contract creation system and smart chatbot implementation.

We have integrated into our solutions

Technologies we use

We use a wide range of technologies and keep up with them.
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