Bambuu social media portal

Bambuu is a British advertising agency focusing on social media campaigns. The project was to create a portal for managing advertising campaigns.


A web system containing a chatbot, with which it is possible to quickly create an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Google. This chatbot allows easy budget allocation, includes tips based on company information, how and who to target the campaign. The system allows you to create ads on FB, Instagram and Google in an interactive way.

Year 2018. Technologies used: React

Services provided

  • Online generation of advertising campaign process using chatbot
  • Interactive client responses
  • Chatbot implementation
  • Management and monitoring of prepared, ongoing and completed campaigns
  • Creation of advertising formats for social media - Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Evaluation of completed campaigns

The result

Simplifying the process of creating advertising campaigns. Expansion of the portfolio of offered services. Increasing the intuitiveness of creating campaigns. Frontend system development, design update, multilingual system translations, customer communication, customer service, initializing libraries for other developers to use.

Other projects

Speeding up the completion of the e-shop by 6 months.

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

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Milan Cák

Founder & CEO

+421 917 552 947