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Job description

You didn’t find a suitable position and you still think you belong in AMCEF? You didn’t find a suitable position and you still think you belong in AMCEF? Don’t hesitate to contact us as we are always looking for talent to join our team.


What benefits and perks are waiting for you?

Convenient data plan

If you’re interested in getting a good deal on an O2 flat rate, either for yourself or for friends, we can add your number, or numbers, under AMCEF to get very good discounts (e.g. a Titanium flat rate for €15).

Multisport card

Our work is all about sitting all the time. That’s why sport or relaxation is important to us. You can apply for Multisport cards for you, your friends and family at any time.
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Super collective

You just have to love us. Even though we all work in different positions, we are all colleagues and friends who help and support each other.
Skica so štyrmi rukami ako sa vzájomne držia a vyjadruje to teambuilding.

Legendary teambuildings

Who wants to sit behind a computer all the time or stare at stack overflow until hallelujah? We certainly don’t, and to maintain your mental health and performance we need to experience new things, see new places and meet new people together.

Implementation of own ideas

We’ll give you space to explore your business programming self. Do you have interesting ideas for projects that you think are worth trying? Let’s make them happen!


We will reimburse you for the courses as well as for 50% of the time spent learning IT, even if it is not directly related to the current projects, because continuous development is very important to us. Among other things, we organise joint discussions and training on new technologies and tools, because times are fast and we need to keep up with them.
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Unlimited career growth

If you are smart, capable and responsible and we have good references from clients and colleagues, we will be happy to proactively reward you with a salary increase and various rewards.

Relief from bureaucracy

Our accountant and assistant will take care of everything that comes with working as a freelancer, so you can concentrate fully on the work you enjoy.
skica domček so srdcom

Unlimited home office

If you can concentrate more at home than in the office and reduce your working hours, you don’t even have to look at the office. What matters is the result of your work. But if you want, you can also come to the office. We currently have offices in Bratislava and Košice.


Work as much as you want, when you want. The important thing is to meet the deadlines we agree and deliver quality results. We will set up our functioning on projects accordingly. And you know best how much rest you need and we can set it together.
Skica s hviezdičkou a znamená to TOP KLIENTI.

Top clients

We work on meaningful projects for well-known companies and interesting startups. We choose our clients and maintain very good relationships with them based on trust and open communication.

Selection of projects and technologies

Everyone can choose which technologies and projects to work on. The most important thing for us is that you enjoy working in our team. We have a large portfolio of clients and would rather turn down a project than embarrass each other.

We are a super team

Behind the excellent results is a team of satisfied people, thanks to whom we are making progress every day.

You can be here too

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There are never too many smart people.
Fotografia, na ktorej je HR Samuel Dobša.

Samuel Dobša

Sourcing manager

+421 910 126 458

Samuel Dobša

Sourcing manager

+421 910 126 458